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Professional Plano Heat Pump Repair

Heat pump repair

At Cooling Texas, we're proud to also be able to offer our local heat pump repair service to our Plano area home and business owners. There are plenty of home and commercial property owners who still prefer this method of heating and for a number of reasons.

Plus, there are plenty of local customers who prefer us for their expert heating company, and for plenty of good reasons. So it only makes sense to trust us when you're in need of heat pump repair.

Since starting the business in 2007, we've been providing customers here in areas like McKinney with service that's of the highest standard. That's why we have the impeccable reputation that we have, so call us today.

What You Should Know About Heat Pumps

As a heating contractor with expertise in a variety of different types of repairs for various systems, we certainly have experience with heat pump repairs. It helps if you know a few unique things about this type of heating system:

  • This system has emergency backup heat. Marked so on the thermostat, the emergency heat comes on if the system can't reach the temperature setting or you increase the temperature quickly enough. This is also a great backup if your system breaks down or you hear screeching, grinding, or other alarming sounds. Set it to emergency and call for service.
  • It will run and heat and feel differently when you're using a gas fueled heat pump. However, this will not create much variance for your billing each month, compared to what your bills usually are for either gas or electric. Gas tends to be less expensive which is one reason it's so popular.
  • Since your heat pump uses the outside air, you may notice the coils actually showing signs of frost. That's because the air goes through causing freeze and thaw cycles.

If you're in need of repairs for this type of system, all you have to do is give us a call.

Common Repairs for Heat Pumps

As with any type of home comfort system, your heat pump has certain repair issues that are more common. Some examples of that for your heat pump include:

  • Not Cooling Properly
  • Not Cooling at All
  • Not Turning On
  • Making Strange Noises

The important thing is that you act quickly when you begin to notice signs you need repair service. We'll help you keep your household comfortable without costing you and arm and a leg.

For heat pump repair in areas like Plano and McKinney, give our team of experts a call.

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If you need professional heat pump repair, call us today at 972-805-7770, or complete our online request form.